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Tasting notes: Honey, Yellow Plum, Juicy

Matongo is the name of the commune, or district, around which 500 women farmers grow and harvest the coffee cherries, and is also the name for the processing station where the cherries are brought to be washed, dried and prepared for shipping.

These cherries are grown in a high altitude climate, among tea, bananas, beans and cassava plants, a system aiming to recreate the perfect ecosystem for coffee trees while preserving the environment.

This is the second coffee we buy from our partner in Burundi but the farmers from this region were among the first to benefit from their Dushime program. Actually, this particular coffee was a first place winner of the coveted Cup of Excellence in 2013 !

FOB price: $5.00 USD/lb

Country: Burundi, Kayanza
Varietals: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800m 

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