Tasting notes : Caramel chocolate, shortbread The Valle Verde producers association brings together 481 farmers. This particular lot is an organic coffee showcasing these small producers’ best crops.
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Tasting notes : Caramel chocolate, shortbread

This is the third time we have the pleasure of roasting this coffee from the Valle Verde producers association. This coffee farmed in an organic fashion is as delicious as it was last year. This particular lot showcases the best of these small producers’ crops. 

The producers association of 481 farmers has a dynamic and focused approach. This is reflected in supporting their members via technical assistance, workplace health and safety and the environmental management of their farms.

There are 377 certified Fairtrade and Organic farms in Valle Verde’s producers’ association, including 104 farms currently awaiting certification. Soil analysis is conducted yearly in order to minimize unnecessary nutrient exploitation and determine the effectiveness of natural fertilizer. Established in the Rodriguez de Mendoza region in the Amazonas, Valle Verde is exemplary in its approach and we are beyond thrilled to serve their coffee!

FOB paid : 1.90 US$ (172% above market price). 

Altitude : 1800-2000m
Origin : Peru - Amazonas
Varietals : Caturra, Typica

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