Tasting notes : Apple pie, Cane sugar
Kalico Women’s is a delicious coffee that we bought because ... it is delicious! Being a great example of Burundi’s flavour profiles. We’re tasting apple pie and cane sugar. But it has also a great story to it and how it was produced.
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Tasting notes : Apple pie, Cane Sugar

Just like last year's crop, Kalico Women’s is a delicious coffee that we bought because, well, it's delicious! It's also a fantastic example of a Burundi coffee flavour profile. We taste apple pie and cane sugar. It has also a great origin and production story:

This coffee is the result of an initiative born of RGC coffee, Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports and Angèle Ciza of Kalico. It illustrates the leadership and perseverance of Angèle Ciza, whose work has uplifted thousands of farmers and continues to be a source of inspiration, especially for women. We named it Kalico Women's Coffee because 80% of the farms are owned or managed by women: in fact, Angèle Ciza is the owner of the wet mill where the coffee was processed. Angèle has been offering support for scholarship programs and partnering with buyers such as RGC and BD Imports in order to build sustainability programs. 

As roasters, we are beyond proud to offer you delicious coffees that also make an impact. This coffee is a perfect example of this and deserves to be highlighted. And to be repeating purchases year after year makes us feel proud of what we do. 

FOB paid : 2.30$US (185% above market).

Altitude : 1500-1800m
Origin : Burundi - Murango
Varietal : Red Bourbon

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