Tasting notes: Red fruits, Nuts, Caramel Flavorful and consistent, if there was only one filter "house blend", this would be the one ! Coffee from women producers in Colombia.
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Tasting notes: Red fruits, Nuts, Caramel

With its classic and balanced profile, this reliable coffee is your go to for a flavorful cup of coffee. If we had a "house blend", the Fondation Filtre would be the one !

Those beans are the result of the strong labour of a cooperative of 432 women coffee farmers and their family members, participating in the original Las Flores project in La Plata, Huila, Colombia.

This project aims to achieve prosperity by actively involving women as an integral part of both the family and the community. Las Rosas was the original pilot, launched in Colombia in 2016. Since then, the initiative has expanded to Peru and Honduras. In these regions, our partners prioritize purchasing coffee from women farmers and place a strong emphasis on supporting their empowerment.

We've been supporting this project since Structure exists and we're glad to bring forward this coffee on our selection.

Process: Washed

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