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Coffee Grinder : the best improvement to your coffee at home.

When it comes to coffee at home, there is one single, most important improvement that stands above any other : grinding fresh. If you purchase your coffee pre-ground, you have a guarantee to lose flavor and quality. This is due to the loss of delicate aromatics in the minutes following the grinding of the beans.


This is true for any brew method. Whether pour-over, filter or espresso, your cup of coffee will be better if you grind fresh. In other words, grinding ahead of time is just like buying a nice bottle of wine or craft beer; and opening it at the till of the store. When you drink those later in the week, their quality will have decreased by a lot.

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Better coffee for your money.

At Structure Roasters, we do just like you : we’ll pay for good coffee. At our level, we’ll pay farmers more, often multiples of the market value because their coffees have interesting and delicate flavor and character. At home, you’ve paid for good coffee too. Grinding fresh, right before brewing will ensure you get the value of your purchase.

Bonus : grinders best practice.

Here are some best practices for brewing at home :


1- Always use a burr grinder.

2- Get the best out of your grinder by weighing your beans before you grind them :

To get the most out of your grinder, you will need a scale to weight your beans. This reduces waste and will keep your grind size consistent.

3- Verify your ground coffee weight after grinding (weight it again!) :

Many grinders will have nooks & crannies inside them where ground coffee will be trapped. Weighing after grinding will ensure you still have the right amount for brewing.

4- Maintenance :

Grinders don’t need much in terms of maintenance. However stay away from oily beans. They’ll gunk up your grinder. Medium and light roasts will be both flavorful and keep your grinder working well. Note that at Structure we do not offer beans that are so oily they will clog your coffee grinder.

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New bags and new prices.

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