Coffee Story of the month 2

Right or wrong : A delicious coffee starts with a fresh roast.

The straightforward answer is… “yeah-ish”. A delicious coffee starts with delicious beans. You’re always better to go for better coffee beans than fresher coffee beans. But still, we’ve all been told over and over and again that roast dates are important. They are but you do not want to push it to one or another extreme.


Can coffee be too fresh? Absolutely. Straight out of the roaster and in the 5 - 7 days following, your coffee beans are too fresh. Coffee prepared with beans that are too fresh is not as flavorful as it should be. On the other hand, coffee can be too old. We all had such sad cups. Note that coffee do not expire but it will not be as good as it should be.



Further more, keep in mind that grinding your coffee ahead will expedite the staleness of your beans. In otherwords, its like buying a case of beer for the week and opening them all at the store. It won't do it justice. To solve that, having a burr grinder is best. But we're aware that not everybody can have one and that is OK. Simply keep in mind that a grinder is often the best upgrade you can do for your coffee.


When is it best to drink your coffee?

Here at Structure Roasters, we go with two indications : roast date and when you open the bag. They’re both simple rules of thumb that we advise you should follow.


For the roast date : Open your bag from 10 days and up to 45 days after the roast date. And now here’s the twist : drink your bag within 10 days after opening it. This way, your beans are not too fresh nor stale since you’re close but not too much from the roast date. And by drinking your coffee within 10 days, you ensure it doesn’t air out and get stale in an open bag.


By Following these two rules, you'll ensure you're drinking your coffee when it is most delicious.

Bonus info : What about a coffee container?

Containers are great. But keep in mind that our bags are built to keep your coffee fresh. So if you do have a container, we’ll always advise to put the bag in it and to follow both rules of thumb regardless.

Double Bonus : What about the fridge/freezer?

Simply stay away from those for daily use. Keep your coffee is a well closed bag, at room temperature. If you do go away for days or weeks, you can use this hack : put the bag in a sealed container and then in the freezer. But keep in mind that is a ‘get out of jail’ card you can use only once.

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