New bags and new prices.

New bags and new prices.

We are launching new bags! Its been overdue for years and we could not be more excited about those. Here is the important info :

We are amongst the firsts to have a 100% recyclable retail bag. 

Our long time supplier Polypro (Sherbrooke) developed a new material for coffee bags. It is 100% #4 plastic and has close to the same reliability against oxygen than conventional #7 bags. We are excited about this because we have been looking for a bag with a lower impact for years. So far, all that was accessible was either 'fake' recyclable bags (#7 plastics are not recycled) or compostable (90% of compostable/biodegradable packaging goes to the landfill). Furthermore, all of those other 'green' options do not offer a good barrier for coffee conservation. 

Those new bags are 100% recyclable and bonus : #4 plastic is recycled locally. 

We're launching a new design and format.

Things have moved a lot since we launched our bags 7 years ago! Our new bag has a new, never seen before shape. It is also more functional with a resealable strip. Finally, we changed the format to 300g (from 340g) to better align our offering with other coffee roasters. This format change is a trend we are observing for a few years now. It was time to update.

New prices, and yes it is an increase. 

We have not increased our prices since July 2022. Throughout this time, all of us observed historic inflation on all fronts. Furthermore, our new packaging is more expensive. With the increase in cost of materials and logistics, we're going forward with a light price increase on all our coffee bags. 

We do so to guarantee the quality of our products, to keep sustainable business practices with our producers and suppliers, all this to offer the best possible conditions to our employees.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. As usual, if you have any comment or concern, feel free to reach out to us via email.


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