Tasting notes: Butterscotch - Cocoa - Creamy. The Fondation is our signature espresso blend. It is a medium roast where balance and sweetness are the primary target.
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Tasting notes: Butterscotch - Cocoa - Creamy

The Fondation is our signature espresso blend: it's a medium roast highlighted by balance and sweetness as its primary targets. It's currently a blend consisting of a red bourbon lot from Luis José Valdez in Caldas, Colombia and a Brazillian lot from Nova Resende in Minas Gerais. Butterscotch and cocoa notes dominate this espresso. If dialed in right, you'll get an incredible balance between sweet acidity and cocoa bitters. 

Available in 340g, 907g and 2.27Kg.

Countries: Brazil/Colombia
Process: Washed, Pulped Natural

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Roaster's choice - Espresso

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The Mix - Espresso and Filter

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