Tasting notes: Black Tea, Bergamot, Pecans
Turihamwe is the first washing station in Burundi built and owned by women producers. With more control on the quality of their supply chain, they are able to offer a high-quality coffee.
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Tasting notes: Black tea, Bergamot, Pecans

The Turihamwe washing station in Burundi is the first of its kind, built and owned by women producers. Through JNPs Dushime™ Program, 7 women were able to pool their savings, earned from their coffee sales, to build their own wet mill in 2019. This was a great opportunity to get more control over their coffee quality.

The Dushime™ program is where farmers are paid a secondary premium on top of their original price based on the global sales performance of their crop.

This high-quality coffee features delicate notes of black tea and bergamot, coated with pacanes. A must have at anytime of the day !

FOB price: $4.85 USD/lb

Country: Burundi, Ngozi
Varietals: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1750m 

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