Tasting notes: Cashew Butter, Brown Sugar, Dried Apricot A classic brazilian coffee from the largest sustainable farm in Brazil.
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Tasting notes: Cashew Butter, Brown Sugar, Dried Apricot

As much as we like to put forward small producers, it is also important for us to acknowledge the role of bigger farms working hard to improve the industry of specialty coffee.

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, but there was a time when sustainable development was still a blurred concept for the producers.

Daterra's ambition was to reinvent coffee growing and producing based on environmental preservation and social development. They ended up developing their own coffee processing system known as "Penta Process". This process provides a comprehensive approach to control each detail of the coffee quality process in order to strategize on when to harvest each individual varietal and ensure peak timing. 

This learning experience throughout the years led them to be the first Rainforest Alliance certified farm in Brazil and the only B Corp certified farm in the world.

Bravo is one of their classic collection that best depict this region, offering a coffee with round notes of brown sugar, cashew butter with a hint of dried apricot.

FOB price: $3.86 USD/lb

Country: Brazil, Minas Gerais
Varietals: Blend
Process: Natural and Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1150m 

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