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Tasting notes: Milk chocolate - dulce de leche. This is one of the rare decaf coffees that are a success. In espresso, its body is silky and arbors notes of chocolate. As drip it veers towards flavors of dulce de leche and milk chocolate.
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Tasting notes: Milk chocolate - Dulce de leche

This is one of those rare decaf coffees that's actually turned out to be a success. On a blind tasting, we couldn't tell that it was decaffeinated! Coming from the Cauca region of Colombia, it is treated following the sugar cane process at the Descafecol plant. There, they use local sugar cane and source water to treat the coffee.

The roast profile is quite developped. In espresso, its body is silky and with notes of chocolate. This being said, we really enjoy it as filter, too, where it boasts flavors of dulce de leche and milk chocolate.

Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Process: Washed
Varieties : Colombia, caturra, castillo

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