Roaster's choice - Espresso

Roaster's choice - Espresso
Roaster's choice - Espresso
This is the subscription if you want your weekday espresso to always be consistent, but you'll...
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This is the subscription if you want your weekday espresso to always be consistent, but you'll venture on the weekends. In between knowing exactly what you want and exploring something new.

Contains: One of our signature espressos (Fondation, 1852, or Brunch Blend) as well as one of our current favourites. 

Do not forget to select which blend you want, your number of bags per month as well as whole bean or ground! 

300g per bag.

"Best coffee in town and awesome staff. Gave me great tips about making coffee at home

and advice about their different types of coffee." Marc-Andre M.

"Excellent coffees, super service and fast delivery on my online orders!" Christian P.

"I just tried their espresso and it is delicious in my latte.

Delivery was fast, price is reasonable and the flavor is exquisite." Benoit P.

How it works


- Pick your bundle, schedule and quantity.


- Subscribe and save up to 30% on our regular price.


- Adjust or cancel anytime. We'll be there to help you tune it to your needs.




- Orders are shipped every business day.


- Packages are delivered in 24-48h on average for Ontario and Quebec's major cities.


Who we are.


At Structure, we work to build authentic relationships with our clients, our employees, our importers and our partners. We meet with producers and work with them directly to ensure that all parties benefit in the long term, both in profitability and durability. Our strong relationships are sustained by the coffee you purchase, and represent our guarantee that the product you enjoy is of the best quality.


We value equity, honesty and authenticity above all else, and we hold ourselves accountable to applying them with our producers, our partners and our clientele.


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