You like a flavourful drip rounded with a touch of milk.

That’s indeed quite tasty! Marco, who handles all things social media, enjoys his drip in a similar fashion. He currently rotates between the Aleta and the Luis, both of which are more fruit forward, with the Luis having a more powerful bouquet. We think those will suit you best!

Tasting notes: Caramel, Raisins, Milk Chocolate

Since 2000, Augusto turned his farm towards the specialty coffee market. For us, it is quite rare to encounter farmers with 20+ years of experience in our niche. We’re talking history here, with successes and hardships. Its a pleasure for us to be able to have such a coffee and it shows mightily in the cup.
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Tasting notes: Apple Pie, Blackberry, Black Pepper

This lot from Santa Leticia is stunning in its own way. It has this comforting character that we love in a coffee. It is not a wild one but it will please the most discerning of coffee tasters.
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Tasting notes: Pomelo, Marzipan

Granja La Esperanza is one of the most recognized coffee farm ever. They have won blind competitions and have been featured on the world stage of barista competitions many, many times already. Their offerings have always been delicious and interesting by their exotic varietals and processes. Obviously, we are very happy to offer you a coffee from them.

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